Town of Rainbow Lake allowed to return home as crews continue to fight Alberta wildfires

爱城新闻 - 5 小时 15 分钟 之前

Residents of the northern community of Town of Rainbow Lake were given the green-light to return home on Friday. It has been nearly a month since the community of about 700 people was given the order to leave.

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What happened in the Alberta election? Here's what the numbers say

爱城新闻 - 9 小时 56 分钟 之前

Elections Alberta will release the official figures from this week's provincial election on June 8. But the unofficial numbers have much to offer. Let's dig in.

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Alberta sheriff still employed following assault conviction

爱城新闻 - 9 小时 57 分钟 之前

An Alberta sheriff who was convicted of assaulting his ex-wife continued to work for the Alberta Sheriffs Branch after his conviction.

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How ideology, partisanship and competence best explain UCP vote in Alberta

爱城新闻 - 9 小时 57 分钟 之前

Statistical analysis of Vote Compass data reveals the factors that propelled Albertans to vote for the UCP and the NDP.

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As wildfires burn in Alberta forests, what happens to the animals?

爱城新闻 - 10 小时 57 分钟 之前

Some animals perish, some escape, some grow accustomed to a new habitat — and plenty actually thrive.

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The monster is an idea, not a person. That's how I'm making sense of life, post election

爱城新闻 - 13 小时 57 分钟 之前

It felt like there were monsters at my door I simply could never understand, writes Calgary resident Bob Chartier of the Alberta election. Then lunch with a stranger brought him hope.

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Federal environment minister says Alberta and Ottawa can come to terms on climate policy

爱城新闻 - 13 小时 57 分钟 之前

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says that cooperation is still possible between the federal government and Premier Danielle Smith’s newly re-elected UCP government in Alberta.

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Six puppies evacuated from Fort Chipewyan

爱城新闻 - 星期五, 06/02/2023 - 14:20

After the owners of six puppies were evacuated from Fort Chipewyan without them, a bylaw officer brought the pups back to their owners in Fort McKay.

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River to safety: Evacuees forced from Fort Chipewyan, Alta., find relief in Fort McKay

爱城新闻 - 星期五, 06/02/2023 - 13:36

As an out-of-control wildfire inched closer to the northeastern Alberta community of Fort Chipewyan, Dennis Shott spent the night leading evacuees to safety by water.

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With fire bans in place, Canadian campers adapt to campfire-free season

爱城新闻 - 星期五, 06/02/2023 - 08:13

As fire bans continue in many provinces, businesses selling camping gear and firewood are seeing a shift in demand.

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Concordia University of Edmonton faculty pass non-confidence vote in school's president

爱城新闻 - 星期五, 06/02/2023 - 07:00

A union that represents faculty members at Concordia University of Edmonton says employees don't have confidence in the school's president and that their workplace is dysfunctional.

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How can the UCP build bridges and win back support in Edmonton?

爱城新闻 - 星期五, 06/02/2023 - 06:00

Premier Danielle Smith needs to collaborate and take a less ideological approach to solving problems in Edmonton if she wants the UCP to win seats in the capital in 2027, some local conservatives say. 

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Ottawa lacks an 'overall strategic plan' to tackle military sexual misconduct, report says

爱城新闻 - 星期五, 06/02/2023 - 02:00

While she's seen a "palpable change" in the Canadian military's attitude toward sexual misconduct, an external observer hired to oversee a plan to change the military's culture says Ottawa lacks an overall strategy to do that.

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Greek company to spearhead $1.7B solar energy project in Alberta

爱城新闻 - 星期四, 06/01/2023 - 18:08

A Greek industrial and power company will spearhead a $1.7-billion project to build five solar energy plants scattered throughout central and southern Alberta, it announced Thursday.

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Suncor to slash 1,500 jobs amid cost-cutting plan

爱城新闻 - 星期四, 06/01/2023 - 16:27

Suncor Energy will eliminate 1,500 positions as the company's new chief executive announced an immediate plan to cut costs by $400-million by the end of this year.

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The NDP turned blue(ish) to woo conservative voters. It didn't deliver a victory

爱城新闻 - 星期四, 06/01/2023 - 12:00

The NDP bet on those light-blue centrists, while the UCP suspected those waffling former PC voters were bluffing. So what happened to them?

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Looting will be punished, warns First Nation chief after wildfire evacuation in Alberta hamlet

爱城新闻 - 星期四, 06/01/2023 - 11:34

The chief of the Mikisew Cree First Nation says people caught looting evacuated homes and businesses in the northern Alberta community of Fort Chipewyan will be banished.

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Lacombe LGBTQ group not surprised by candidate's win despite comments about trans children

爱城新闻 - 星期四, 06/01/2023 - 10:49

In a recording that surfaced two weeks before the provincial election, MLA-elect Jennifer Johnson suggested Alberta's high-ranking education system counts for little against the issue of transgender students, comparing their presence to a batch of cookies laced with feces.

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'Unprecedented' start to wildfire season destroyed almost 3 million hectares of forest: Blair

爱城新闻 - 星期四, 06/01/2023 - 10:27

An "unprecedented" start to the wildfire season in Canada has led to serious wildfires spreading destruction and forcing evacuations across seven provinces, Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair said Thursday.

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'A time to be true to ourselves': Alberta mom and daughter selling beloved country store

爱城新闻 - 星期四, 06/01/2023 - 08:54

The Carvel General Store and the unique treasures within have attracted travellers, campers, and train enthusiasts for the past two decades. But now, owners Carell Wingrave and her daughter Kristine Olson are hoping to move on.

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